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Take Advantage of Summer

Nobody can argue that the most enjoyable way to spend a summer is traveling- experiencing a new culture, beautiful sights, meeting new people. If you are not lucky enough to travel, an internship is the second best way to take advantage of your summer. Many employers now require one, two, or even three internships for an entry-level position, and you need to make your resume competitive. Many internship positions open up during summer months, so don’t be scared to broaden your horizons. Although most internships are unpaid, the experience is invaluable and by working hard you can even turn the internship into a permanent job. If money is a priority, aim for a job that is related to your field. Anything that you can add to your resume is definitely worth doing.

Volunteer work is the most rewarding way to spend a summer because it looks good on resumes, it is a great way to make connections, and it will be spiritually fulfilling. Most professional jobs don’t offer the summer off the way that college does, so college is the perfect time to do volunteer work. In the span of a traditional college career, you only have three summers, so make each one count. On the contrary, if you have decided to relax and simply enjoy your time off, engage yourself in the activities that will keep your mind occupied. For example, you can dedicate yourself to photography, publish a piece of creative writing, take a cooking class, become a college entrepreneur and open a business, enroll in a speed-reading class, etc. The idea is to continue the development of critical thinking skills, interpersonal skills, and leadership skills, so that you can come back in Fall ready to go. Summer school, although the least fun of all the options is the quickest way to get ahead. If summer school is your chosen path or you would like some additional guidance, remember that the Academic Success Office (Augustine 114) will be open all summer ready to help you.

Choose wisely and make sure to visit more than websites!

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So hard to say goodbye…


Let’s be real: It’s actually gonna be pretty easy saying good bye and hello to the summer vacation (For most of us. Sorry, Maytermers.)

An academic semester is no joke. It is hard work (Wow, understatement of the year anyone?) The deadlines that once haunted us in the beginning of the semester are now a thing of the past that we can laugh at (maybe not yet.) The well-deserved I-FINISHED-MY-PAPER-IT’S-2-AM Whataburger runs. The perfect attendance. 

I suppose that’s a subtle lesson that the university teaches us as we make our way towards graduation and a career. Hard work really does pay off. Those nights you spent crying (don’t lie) about not knowing how you were going to take three mid-terms in one day with a paper due at 5 PM; those weekends that didn’t deserve to be called Friday, Saturday or Sunday because those used to be fun days in your past life; those books that you probably had more conversation with than real-life people. (…These may or may not be my own personal experiences.) 

The hard times pave the way to a future of endless possibilities. Sometimes it’s hard to see the fruits of your labor, but go ahead, pat yourself on the back, give yourself a high five because everything you do now does make a difference. It makes a huge difference.

My last advice for you wonderful people — rickroll it up in the last few days of classes. 

Dear dreams,

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.


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Quick Study Tip

Processing new information is often difficult because sometimes, they just don’t stick. 

One of the trick to learning new things is making them relevant to old and familiar knowledge. Take the new piece of information you have and make it something easily recognizable to you. Take clay, for example, no matter how you shape it, it’s still the same clay you started out with. 

Relate with what you learn and what you learn will be relevant. 

Have a wonderful week!



Spring forward.

Spring break, you have been good to me.

I do realize however, that unlike one of those it-ain’t-over-til-it’s-over break-ups, once spring break is over, it’s over. You’re back that Monday-after like nothing even happened the week before. Like you didn’t spend quality time sleeping-in, or going on spontaneous trips, or anything. Just like that… *Sigh.

But seriously, think about it, too — 2 months later, and you’ll be with Summer. Just. think. about. that.

BUT don’t slow your roll yet just because you had a wonderful time in Cabo or potatotizing on your couch (…turning into a potato on your couch)! Sorry to burst your bubble, but from here on out, it’s only going to get crazier before it gets sweeeet again.

Projects, final papers, presentations, thesis proposals, comps will soon flood planet earth.

This is not the time to get discouraged. Maybe you didn’t like your midterm grades. But do not get discouraged. Every day counts — so make it count! Get with the times, and spring forward…. Literally. It will be worth it!

The sad, but very real news I have is that it will not be easy… but the wonderful and great news is, you have every power over your attitude about the next two months. Improve it, and you’ll see better results!

You got this. God speed.



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The Midterm-pocalypse is always a different experience for all. Some breeze through that week unscathed, well-rested, and not a bit traumatized. Others, however, lose hair, forget what sleep is, breathing, life, etc. not so much because the exams are impossible, but because sometimes they end up having five tests in one day. To whom this may apply, we salute you. 

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones and the wrath of Midterms week doesn’t necessarily apply to you. Nevertheless, I’d like to share a few things on how to prepare for an insanely busy week. Next thing you know, it’s FINALS week, and no one is safe. So better start practicing these Triple Threat Tips:

1. BREATHE. You might be so busy you’ll forget you need oxygen in your body… also, it really never is as bad as it seems (even if you have your midterms in one day, NBD.) Bottom line is, it’s best to work with 0 level of stress.

2. DIVIDE & CONQUER. Divide your areas of responsibilities: School, Work, Home, etc. Then, start your to-do list and create deadlines for yourself. This way, you have an idea of what’s due even if it’s a week or a few days in advance without feeling so overwhelmed by the thought of it alone. You actually break down your workload throughout the week and you still get to take things ONE DAY AT A TIME. Once you’re done with an assignment, cross it off your list. It’s going to feel good seeing how much you’ve accomplished!

3. SLEEP. Don’t forget to take into consideration how much sleep you need. What’s the point of being so0o awesome at managing your time if you don’t have the energy to get things done? Yeah. You’re welcome.

We have TIME MANAGEMENT LOGS here at the office (Augustine 114). In all my years, these fantastic and magical logs helped me the most with looking ahead without feeling overwhelmed, suffocated, or drowned. Trust me, you will be glad you did it. 

Make time for making time. #MT4MT

(…hahahaha, I’ll keep working on it.)




Need I say more? 

  • Do you ever sit in class and think of how you’re going to skip the next class?
  • Does your bed turn into a vortex that you just can’t get out of?
  • Does pain and agony increase with every step you take towards the classroom?
  • Do you look like you picked your clothes out of the lost and found bin with a blindfold on? 

If YES to all of these, then you’ve got the case of the Mundane Mondays. And we in the Academic Success Office have just what you need — more things to read on a Monday. 

But seriously. Mondays will come every week, and we’re going to need a prescription for a bad case of the Mondays:

  1. Remember that the day will end at some point. Time stands still for no one. 
  2. Take naps. 8 hours of napping does NOT count. Anything over 30 minutes is considered bedtime. 
  3. Take it one class at a time. Looking at what you have for the rest of the day may cause you to pass out or just give your day up completely.
  4. Find something exciting to look forward to in your classes. Turning in that homework you worked so hard on over the weekend; seeing your homies who you just saw over the weekend — 24 hours is just way too long. Or doing more work. Anything that will light up your life.
  5. Wear something that makes you happy: a favorite shirt, your new pair of shoes, your favorite tie. If you don’t like your day, at least like your outfit. (Please, more for our sake. We have to look at you.)

Stay focused. Monday is just one day out of the week. At least it’s what I tell myself. 

Get well soon!


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Attend Writing the UD Way and learn how to write those papers you dream of writing!!!

Attend Writing the UD Way and learn how to write those papers you dream of writing!!!

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RT@UofDallas TODAY! @UDcareersvcs Santa’s GET TO WORK shop! 3pm-6pm Haggar Foyer! #resume #internship #LinkedIn


RT@UofDallas TODAY! @UDcareersvcs Santa’s GET TO WORK shop! 3pm-6pm Haggar Foyer! #resume #internship #LinkedIn

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In an effort to address cyber crime, on Wednesday, December 5, 2012, various applications will be posted at for nationwide positions related to fighting cyber crime. These positions will include the following:
Cyber Special Agents
Computer Scientists
Information Technology Forensic Examiners
Cyber Intelligence Analysts
Cyber Internships


In an effort to address cyber crime, on Wednesday, December 5, 2012, various applications will be posted at for nationwide positions related to fighting cyber crime. These positions will include the following:

  • Cyber Special Agents
  • Computer Scientists
  • Information Technology Forensic Examiners
  • Cyber Intelligence Analysts
  • Cyber Internships

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Do not go gentle into the good night.

Three weeks left of this semester. Are you still there?

Three weeks is enough reason to celebrate, but don’t take your finals lightly. “Rage, rage against the dying of the light!”

Since three seems to be the magic number, here are Three things to keep in mind for your survival!

1. Map out.
Be aware of every deadline and everything you need for the next three weeks. Prioritize. I personally set a schedule for everyday before I sleep. It helps me prepare mentally for the next day. Always one step ahead! (even my outfits…)

2. Stress relievers.
Anticipate the ‘stress’ that’s to come! How will you deal with the stress without getting way too distracted? As for me, I have a guitar in my room, crossword puzzles (don’t hate), books to read (for fun!), family feud on my iPad, and I’ve decided I would cook some of my meals because cooking makes me happy. I also have fresh flowers in my room. These are a few of my favorite things? P.s. Listening to the greats like Whitney Houston and Celine Dion make me feel super. Find yours.

3. Sleep.
What else is there to say?